Part Truck Loading

What is PTL (Part Truck Loading)?

Part truck loading is a freight mode for large shipments that may not require the use of a full truckload trailer.
Partial truckload shipments do not require a freight class in order to secure a rate, involve less handling, and result in faster transit times.

Benefits of Part Truck Loading

Partial truckload is a good option for shippers looking for a cost-effective shipping solution that falls between LTL and full truckload. Benefits of partial truckload include:

  1. When freight is handled less, the chance for damage is reduced. Partial truckload can be ideal for shipments susceptible to damage during loading and unloading.
  2. Freight class is not required for partial truckload shipping, which can help you avoid extra charges associated with freight re-classification if you happen to get it wrong.
  3. Partial truckload shipping allows your freight to stay on one truck for the duration of transit. When only one truck is involved, the freight is loaded and unloaded one time, which means less handling and faster transit times than LTL.